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Crash and Ride

Nov 18, 2020

photo: Rod Manning

Sorry for the delay! This episode is extra long and extra epic! I spoke with Jem Moloney, the incredibly talented drummer from the Australian band Dead. They've collaborated with members of Harvey Milk and the Melvins- a truly crushing, heavy band. Jem is also one half of the label We Empty Rooms Records in AUS, and works for a suicide prevention charity called HALT. They focus on the well-being of working class men and women who do tradeswork. (We really should start something like that here.)

This took an extra couple of days to get out because I've been hiding out in a different city and Jem wanted some time to have a listen to the episode, all that life stuff got in the way.

So instead of breaking this up into two episodes, here's the whole thing! Listen at your leisure!

Check out HALT here:
Watch the video on the homepage. It's incredible.

Here's the band DEAD:

Here's We Empty Rooms, Jem's label:

As promised, here's the Corona Virus Relief Fund set up by MusiCares:

And also here's a link to the Athens area musician's Covid 19 relief fund set up by Nuci's space here: