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Crash and Ride

Apr 12, 2020

Maurice Rickard is one of the most prolific musicians and composers I have ever met. He is constantly creating. He's also one of the calmest people I know, so I was shocked when he told me that he had battled anxiety his entire life. We talked about how drone music and staying constantly creatively engaged has helped him to focus his mind and stay on top of his periodic bouts of anxiety.

You can check out his absolutely voluminous body of work at the following links:

Drone/semi-generative work with software he's been writing in Max/MSP:

(of that project, one of his favorite compositions is here: )

Streaming drone concerts are here every Monday night 8-9PM EDT:

Weekly tracks (2014-2020, even years):

Weekly tracks (2017 and 2019):

2015's on his Soundcloud: