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Crash and Ride

Nov 1, 2020

photo: Morten Fog

There is one globally influential magazine that focuses on Americana and I was fortunate enough to speak with its editor. Hilary Saunders is the human tornado who wrestles No Depression to the presses every quarter, and she is a phenomenal human being. For Episode 75, we had an wide-ranging conversation about her journey to the editorship of No Depression, about life in New York City during these strange times we're living in, and about using guava jelly in hamantaschen. I enjoyed every minute of it.

During the course of our conversation, she recommended the email newsletters of a couple of music journalists. You can find Gary Suarez on Substack here:

You can find out more about Marissa Moss and Natalie Weiner's newsletter here:

You can sign up for Zachary Lipez's newsletter here:

And you can find Sara Benincasa's essay about the aftermath of the suicide of Anthony Bourdain here:

I mentioned in the intro that I was going to include a link to the Corona Virus Relief Fund set up by MusiCares:

And also here's a link to the Athens area musician's Covid 19 relief fund set up by Nuci's space here: