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Crash and Ride

Dec 20, 2020

Travis Talbert is the lead guitar player for the band Frontier Folk Nebraska. He also has a solo project called Mavis Guitar where he plays pedal steel and guitar. He's a gifted and thoughtful player and a softspoken, gentle guy. He's also a man who has survived the death of his son. Tobin Talbert lived 7 months and never left the hospital. Travis and his beautiful wife Heather somehow managed to weather this tragedy and come out the other side stronger, braver, and still in love.
This was one of the hardest episodes ever for me to edit, because I kept having to stop and just sit in my sadness for a minute. On one hand, it seems far too sad to be the 2020 Christmas Episode of Crash and Ride, on the other... well, 2020 is what it is, and Travis helped me to remember to be grateful for everything I have.
Merry Christmas.
You can hear Frontier Folk Nebraska here:
You can hear Mavis Guitar here:
As promised, here's the Corona Virus Relief Fund set up by MusiCares:
And also here's a link to the Athens area musician's Covid 19 relief fund set up by Nuci's space here: