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Crash and Ride

Jan 3, 2021

Tad Doyle! TAD DOYLE of the band TAD! Before the explosion of bands out of the Pacific Northwest changed the entire face of rock music in the early '90s, TAD was crushing live shows and releasing huge sounding slabs of wax on Subpop records. Years later, Tad would struggle with drugs and depression as the "grunge" thing got mutated and commodified into an MTV-ready PRODUCT. Tad, though, is a survivor, and he is still making music "heavier than God's Balls."
I was super-stoked to talk to him and this is his story.
His current band is just as heavy as TAD and you can hear Brothers of the Sonic Cloth here:
If you want to book time and record with Tad, you can find Witch Ape Studios here:
As promised, here's the Corona Virus Relief Fund set up by MusiCares:
And also here's a link to the Athens area musician's Covid 19 relief fund set up by Nuci's space here: