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Crash and Ride

Jan 18, 2021

Pete Krebs has played guitar in so many influential Portland bands that it's hard to list them all: Hazel, Golden Delicious, The Stolen Sweets, The Portland Playboys, and Thee Catnip Brothers. He started his journey playing in punk bands and now he plays Western Swing at the rodeo every year in Pendleton, Oregon. He's a two-time inductee into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, and he's survived cancer twice.

I met Pete for the first time in 1992 when our bands played together in Virginia at a club called The Insect Club. It was his band, Hazel, my band, Five Eight, and the Spinanes. Someone got naked onstage and we almost got beat up and very nearly didn't get paid. The next time we played together was in Portland and that night I heard Pete play a song that has haunted me for 30 years. In this interview, I finally find out the name of it and the original artist. Wild.

You can find the infamous photo that brought all of this together on the Crash and Ride Facebook page.

You can read more about Pete and hear a bunch of his music here:

As promised, here's the Corona Virus Relief Fund set up by MusiCares:

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