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Crash and Ride

Jul 7, 2019

Thor Harris was one of the inspirations for starting this podcast. Thor has been the drummer for Shearwater, the Swans, Thor and Friends, Amanda Palmer, Hospital Ships, Xiu Xiu, Angels of Light, Bill Callahan, Lisa Germano, and a dozen other bands. He's a carpenter, a plumber, a painter, a sculptor, a writer, and a has been an outspoken advocate for getting the help you need if you're suffering from depression. He's written and illustrated a book called Ocean of Despair, a firsthand account of surviving a nervous breakdown. He's basically the man I had sort of hoped to grow up to be.   
I love his music. I love his fearlessness. I love his commitment to living with integrity. I love his house. I love his dogs.   
He is a hero.  
You can watch a short film about Thor's struggle with depression here:  
You can find information about Ocean of Despair here:  
You can hear Thor and Friends here:  
You can read Thor's essay "How to Tour in a Band or Whatever" here: