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Crash and Ride

Oct 13, 2019

Mike Mantione is the guitar player, singer, and principle songwriter of the band Five Eight. I've played music with Mike since 1989! We've been through everything imaginable that two musicians could go through- breakups, divorces, record deals, losing record deals, van madness, international flights, anxiety attacks, and gallons of blood, sweat, and tears. Mike has struggled long and hard to overcome his mental illness and sometimes he dragged the rest of us along with him, and yet we all still love each other.
You can hear Five Eight's music here:
Except for our new album, out now on Chicken Ranch Records, which you can hear here:
You can see some of the band's history in this video:
You can check out NYC Artist Community we couldn't remember that name of here:
The famous "bowling ball Strat" is the blue one just to the right of the top of the page here: